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PAULINA GALVEZ:the relationship between our cultures, so different and yet so close

RIFSTAR EXLUSIVE:PAULINA GALVEZ: I was amazed when I discovered through this film how life was in the seventies in the Rif,

First of all, Azul & welcome to rifstar.com Rifstar.comI knowyou got your start as a Flamenco dancer in several companies, but do you foresee this form of entertainment becoming obsolete with the rise of the internet generation? Or do you think it is still going strong?

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I think live performances will always be a need for Flamenco lovers because it is an art that  really hits your heart as an audience and the good thing about the internet is that it is a source of visual information about Flamenco and all the arts.  It is a free advertisement tool. Thanks to Youtube some artist are becoming global…even after their death!

Rifstar.com: I have to admit; I’m totally fascinated by your acting, so I want to start there. How did you first discover you had a talent for performing?

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Thank you! Since childhood I loved to entertain my family and friends with crazy stories and I noticed that they were totally engaged at my ¨performances¨. But ironically my first drama teacher was not very  excited about my talent…But I´m a very stubborn person and I had a deep need to experience acting so despite her opinion, she couldn’t stop my desire of becoming an actress and I continued training really hard. I read one day that artists are like psychos…we believe we can do something no matter what.   It is the only way you can create, without thinking of the consequences or of the fear that you are not good enough to do it!

Rifstar.com: In your career, you’ve had so many wonderfully successful films. Which do you think has been the famous one to work on?

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I love most of them, and every one of them gave me the opportunity to grow as an actress, but the ones that were probably my most reputable were ¨Retrato de mujer con hombre al fondo¨and ¨Subterra¨.
Rifstar.com: I don’t know how many of our readers have seen your films, but how can a spontaneous scene be developed. You’ve studied and performed with different actors & had many adventures. How has that experience helped shape your performances?

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I´ve been very lucky to work with good actors. When that happens, the scene comes to life and it is full of spontaneity, as you say. My source of inspiration is LIFE so my personal experience or research helps me to understand and perform as I´m ¨living¨ the moment. The problem is sometimes the lack of chemistry with the other actor, bad writing, or technical issues that make the scene really difficult to create. And there are not subtitles in movies that can explain that to the audience, so we as actors have to do our best. They say Acting is about solving moments…exactly the way we do in life!

Rifstar.com: Tell us about your experience filming in Morocco & why exactly choosing A film in AMAZIGH LANGUAGE?

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Well, they chose me first! And I accepted because the story enveloped me. I was amazed when I discovered through this film how  life was in the seventies in the Rif, the relationship between our cultures, so different and yet so close …things that I had heard of when I was a child, and there it was like a big puzzle to put together. The relationship between Carmen and the child…was so moving to me from the first read!
Rifstar.comYou’ve  performed “ADIOS CARMEN” directed by Med AMINE AMRAOUI . Anyone who has gotten a chance to see it would think you were living the scene? Tell us about this “ADVENTURE”?

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It was a totally different approaching the story and then approaching Carmen. First of all the movie is based on someone real, so I needed to know as much as possible about her. I found some information on the internet and even some pictures of the real Carmen, and read some lines about the effect that she provoked in  the people that surrounded her. She was a very special woman, with a certain mysterious flow and at the same time very warm. Then I had to read about the history at that moment in time because I didn’t know much about it. And finally  I met Mohamed Amin, in Assilah just three days before starting the shoot. I showed him the pictures that I found of Carmen on my computer, and we cried…then I realized that I was not an actress playing a character but a ¨medium¨between the real Carmen and the memory of the little child that loved her so much, and I decided to stay open to that.
Rifstar.com: Do you ever think you would write your personal story as a book & unveil details about your O)stay & filming at ASSILAH CITY (Moroc?

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My life is pretty interesting at least for me, and Morocco is an amazing and somehow unknown country for so many people, but filming is not always as exciting as an audience may think. We worked a lot everyday and that is not what people want to read, so maybe it is better to write a good novel ¨inspired¨ in reality…! Seriously, the best part of my stay in Morocco was the people I worked with, the filming process and the crew. They adopted me as part of their big family!

Rifstar.com: I was recently discussing with a friend of mine why there are always more men who are in comedy than there are women. I have to ask, is it harder for women to break into comedy? Are there just less women interested? Less works available for women? What is it?

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There are more men than women in almost every area of this business…anyway here in the States, they say ¨comedy is money¨, so that´s what actors are looking for. But comedy is really challenging as an actor, not every actor can do it well, so maybe it is easier to work in drama. And maybe women are more trained even in life to be desirable and pretty things than comedians. I discovered few years ago that I can do some comedy and believe me, I’m enjoying it so much!

Rifstar.com: Do you think acting abilities are something someone either has or doesn’t? Or do you think it’s something that can be learned? Reply:

I think you can learn it but It’s better when you have something special to offer…I strongly believe that the best actors are interesting people on their own.

Rifstar.com: Our readers are curious to know about your future planning & what about filming other works in AMAZIGH LANGUAGE in the future?  Reply:

Theater! Right now I’m on the stage in Miami with a great french comedy ¨Fugeusse¨(in spanish) and I have two more plays ( one in English) to come in February.  But if there is another opportunity to film with an amazigh crew, I´ll be happy. And you should know, me speaking in amazigh  is pure comedy!

Rifstar.com:WELL, We all know the importance of mentors and people whose greatness inspires us. Who were your great motivators?

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My mentor was not famous, but was my grandmother, Petra Gálvez. She believed in me from the beginning and gave me wings. She always had a delicious meal on the table for me when I was a starving actress and a wise word when I was desperate.  My inspiration comes from all the classic actors from the 40′s-50′s, especiallyRita Hayworth…I really wanted to become her when I was a little girl, and Gary Cooper. They both had something very fragile that glowed under the skin of the character.

Rifstar.com: Is there anything you have on your Bucket List—whether personal or career—something in your life that you want to have or do, that has yet to be accomplished?


There are so many things I would love to do!  but I’ve never had concrete goals  to achieve in my life or career. I always find that life’s script writing is much better and more creative than my own.

Rifstar.com: Are you happy with your career to date?

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I´m happy to have made a career from my passion and I get so much pleasure and growth every time I perform. I´m very fortunate.

PAULINA, thank you so much for taking the time out of your free time to share all of your infectious energy and joy for life! I know our readers will be inspired by your dynamic attitude and genuine love of films & theatre.